who we are

Blend is located in the Broadlands area of Ashburn, VA at Southern Walk Plaza. We have a warm, ‘industrial-rustic’ interior space and a large outdoor patio to enjoy. We love to provide residents and visitors to Loudoun County and Northern Virginia a cool place to enjoy quality coffee, have a community gathering, and create memories with friends and family. 

Blend sources locally roasted coffee for specialty and handcrafted coffee drinks along with wine and beer options. We also serve a signature egg sandwich, lite fare food, and baked goods from local bakers. 

Join us for the myriad of events we host—business meetings, story-time, book clubs, live music, yoga, trivia, open mic, and more! Feel free to create your own gathering, we’re happy to reserve you a space!


Meet our team


Meet Mimi

After living in multiple big cities with a career in the software industry, Mimi decided to settle in suburbia. Returning to her Northern Virginia roots, she moved with her German husband Herbert and daughter Michelle to Ashburn from Duesseldorf, Germany in 2007. Missing an urban coffee shop type environment, she met Tracey who had similar ideas and together embarked on building community-focused Blend.

Meet Tracey

Tracey discovered the joy of spending time in coffee shops when she had young kids and needed a place to relax or study in graduate school.  After becoming a licensed counselor, she felt more strongly that people needed a welcoming place to relax, work, and connect with others over quality drinks and snacks.  She was thrilled to find that her friend Mimi had the same idea and was committed bringing a high quality coffee shop and gathering place to Ashburn, VA.


General Manager

General Manager

Meet Sarah

Sarah has many years of experience working in locally run coffee shops. She was trained by specialty coffee professionals, and has a passion for improving the knowledge of quality coffee in the Ashburn area and making Blend a place where people feel welcome and at home. Sarah has provided the inspiration behind many of Blend’s specialty offerings such as the honey-cardamom latte and our signature afternoon snack the Blend Brie, which offers brie-apple-pesto-turkey-and honey on a warm roll.  Sarah is working to complete her bachelors in Business Marketing while working full-time at Blend. 

Meet J. D.

JD has worked in the IT industry in NoVa for over 25 years.  Little did he know when he met and married Tracey he’d be helping start up and run a coffee shop.  JD has been instrumental with accounting and maintenance work for Blend.  He loves trivia and music so he’s enjoying the pay-off when he gets to attend fun music and trivia events.  JD also designed Blend’s signature egg sandwich and we’re thrilled to see so many people enjoying his creation! 


The rest of our team